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Stylish Sunday: Fabuleash – luxurious dog leashes

Luxurious dog leashes are one way of showing your fashion statement. This is why Fabuleashes were invented in the first place. What are fabuleashes exactly? These are dog leashes often decorated with jewels and beads that look like a piece … Continue reading

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How To Accessorize Your Dog

Dog owners like to dress up their pets. Buying dog clothes can be really fun. There are so many cut and interesting dog clothes available on the market. But, once when your dog is nicely dressed up, you will need … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Leash for Your Dog

Choosing a leash for your dog can be a very hard task. There are so many dog leashes available on the market, that choosing the right one can be a problem in some cases. How will we know which dog … Continue reading

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Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable dog leashes are a very important part of dog accessory. They come in various styles and colors. A lot of retractable leashes feature retractable cords, while others feature webbed belts. A good retractable leash will have also a locking … Continue reading

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Socializing Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs need to spend a certain amount of time experiencing new things. When properly socialized, a puppy is less likely to grow into a dog that acts aggressive or submissive in new situations. Socializing your dog may … Continue reading

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Exercising your dog

Exercise is important for the health of all beings. Your dog is not excluded from this. Even if your dog has times where he or she is allowed to run free, it is still a good idea to include a … Continue reading

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