Stylish Sunday: Classic Black Dog Tuxedo

A lot of dog owners consider their dogs as a part of their family. They provide them everything starting from toys to clothes. But what can we do for them when we decide to get married? Of course, we buy to our dog a tuxedo, for that very special day.

With the right dog tuxedo, you can have your dog walking down the aisle right next to you. A special outfit is needed indeed for this special day, so why not be it a dog tuxedo then. Luckily, today there is a variety of dog wedding clothes and attire, in different styles and colors, specially designed for them. Of course, from all the available types of dog wedding clothes, dog tuxedos are the most popular one.

From the other side, it can happen that a dog doesn’t appreciate wearing dog clothes, and in that case there are different options for them – bow ties or neckties.

So, how we can easily decide on what our dog should wear? The first thing that should be taken into consideration is the comfort of the dog. If your dog is used to wear different clothes, then this will not be a problem at all. In that case, you can even combine his wedding clothes with the appropriate shirt, bow tie, etc.

Our selection for this week is our Classic Black Dog Tuxedo which can be purchased in our web store. Just by seeing it, you will realize that it is really not that difficult finding the right formal wear for your dog. However, his comfort is the only thing that should be kept on your mind. By comfort, we mean buying the right size of clothes, and this will not be the problem with our Classic Black Dog Tuxedo as it is available in several sizes, from M to XL for standard sizes, and for large sizes from L-S to L-XL. Dressing your pup in our dog tux, you will definitely show him that he is a important family member!

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Save me Saturday: Francis, a Boxer/Shar Pei mix

Francis is a very lovable dog, result of a very interesting combination between a boxer and Shar Pei. You can locate and adopt Francis at Houston, Texas. Francis was rescued together with his 6 siblings, and is currently placed at a foster family.

This is a healthy dog and up to date on all shots. Except for that, Francis has been neutered as well. We are talking about a very healthy and cute puppy who is waiting for his new family to adopt him. Could that be you?

Francis loves to play and to run, and his favorite toys are tennis balls. With him, your day will definitely not be boring especially when taking into consideration that he likes to hide under beds, inside closets, etc.

Francis is a very bright and attentive dog. He responds positively to affection and love, and loves the company of people, especially children. He is eager to please, and with the right training he will grow up into a very loving and gentle dog.

Currently, he is learning the basic commands and until now learned to respond very well to sit, stay, bed, potty, etc. he is also learning to walk on the leash.

If you already have a dog, Francis will not mind as he loves the company of other animals, except cats. Being  a puppy, he will very easily adjust to any given environment with proper guidance and love.

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Facebook Friday:Photo Contest

If you like to compete with other pet owners, or show how pretty and adorable your dog/cat is,  make sure to check out our Facebook page for a contest on

There are a lot of interesting prizes waiting for the winners!

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Travel Thursday: Why cats don´t like to ride in a car?

Cats, unlike dogs, do not enjoy riding in the car. Although it is impossible to explain exactly why cats do not like to ride in the car, some of their common features can be clarified with the discomfort that creates them.

Cats are animals that like routine and this routine has for centuries been responsible for their survival.

The reluctance of cats to ride in a car can be just an instinctive response to a change in their daily routine. Unexpected changes can easily cause stress in cats.

Although the removal of the cat from its territory to us may not seem so important, the thing is that a good part of the day maintained their territorial boundaries can be daunting.

Although some cats actually suffer from motion sickness, some cats manifest similar symptoms just because they are nervous when riding in a car.

Experts believe it is very important to make the cat feel comfortable while riding and it is best that the owner is sitting with her while someone else is driving.

Increasing attention is the key to overcome the fears that the pet has.

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World Events Wednesday: The prettiest bulldog

The four-year old Huckleberry, has been chosen 3 days ago as this year’s most beautiful bulldogs at a ceremony in Des Moines in the U.S. state of Iowa. He participated in this event in 2010, but left empty-handed.

This, however, changed 3 days ago when he walked down the runway on Drake University, dressed in a beige suit like the one worn by Tom Hanks in the movie “Forrest Gump.”

The competition for the most beautiful bulldog is held for 34 years at Drake University. Bulldog is the mascot of the University and the winner of each year becomes live mascot at sporting events. Huck was “prettier” than 46 other competitors, so we can say that the competition was sharp.

Some dogs were dressed as characters from the story of a doctor Seuss, others wore blindfolds and were dressed as pirates. One diva with a tutu dress went home with the award for best dressed bulldog.

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Tips Tuesday: How to clean your cat’s teeth?

Kittens, which are known as the cleanest and purest in the animal kingdom, need our little help. In fact, dental disease, or periodontal disease, is the most common among our pets. Brushing your cat’s teeth is one of the preventive measures, and here’s how to get them used to it.

You can very easily restrict or prevent dental disease with special diet food (recently available in the market and has a wide selection) and brushing teeth. Pay attention to the following steps and your cat can have a healthy mouth and teeth and you’ll be rewarded with a kiss without breath.

The easiest way is to start maintaining the oral hygiene when your cat is still a kitten as in this period they still don’t have tartar and caries. Of course, at that time, it is the easiest way to teach the animal to wash their teeth. For this activity you need a soft child’s toothbrush or toothbrush for cats and veterinary toothpaste. The latter is very important because people pastes contain mostly a lot of soda and must be washed out and veterinary toothpastes do not need to be rinsed, and are available with seductive flavors of chicken, fish … which your cat will not reject.

You need to know where and when and how to brush your teeth cat.

Periodontal disease is often “attack” of the upper back teeth. Plaque forms on a daily tooth surface, particularly on the border of the gums and teeth. In 36 hours, plaque is mineralized and after the washing cannot remove. Because of this it is recommended brushing every day and pay special attention to the gum and teeth.

Make a routine of brushing your cat’s teeth, do it every day if possible, at the same time and always reward the patience of your kitty.

Start by first giving a cat to try the toothpaste. In a few days repeat this process and put toothpaste on your finger and spread gently on the cats teeth. In a few days repeat this but with a toothbrush. After a couple of days repeat this, but then try to make circular movements in the mouth of your pet. This should take about 30 seconds.

Despite regular brushing some cats still need a professional cleaning as people. It depends on the type of food, the pH value of saliva and some other factors. When cats need professional scaling, take your pet to the vet.

Quality scaling is done under general anesthesia because it finishes in less time and is done much better. Quality removal of tartar works with ultrasonic scaling. Manual scraping with a scraper will damage your cat’s teeth enamel so avoid this.

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Stylish Sunday: Camo Bucket Dog Hat

Taking care of your dog during the summer can be harder than you might be thinking. A responsible pet owner will always make sure to protect his pets. We all know that dogs love to play outside, and as much as play outside is very important for your pet, you need to know that there he has to be protected as well.

When it comes to summer and sun, it is important to properly protect your pet from the bad influences of sun. This is among the first steps of dog care. We all know that sun’s UV rays are very dangerous, and when protecting your dog’s eyes with sunglasses, never forget to protect his head as well, with the help of dog hat.

If dogs are exposed to sun for a lot of time, they can get skin inflammations, skin cancer, sunburn, etc. The truth is that short haired dogs get more affected by the sun because their skin is directly exposed to the bad influence of sun rays. So, as a dog owner, you need to make sure that you took proper care of your dog.

Except for using proper shirts, your dog will require a hat as well. Of course, don’t forget that dog summer clothes always have to be lightweight and comfortable. Except for looking quite cool, summer dog clothes are also cute and stylish.

When protecting your dogs head and eyes, the best thing to do this is with the help of proper dog hats. Sometimes, it might be hard to get your dog wear sunglasses. So, in such situations you should opt for dog hats with chin straps so that the hat wouldn’t fall off so easily when your dog starts to run and jump.

Our selection for this week is the Camo Bucket Dog Hat. It is quite funny but cool looking at the same time. This colorful hat will definitely keep your pets head cool while at the same time protecting his eyes from the sun. The Camo Bucket Dog Hat is also available in different sizes, so you will be able to find the right size for your pup!

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Save me Saturday: Sonia, a shepherd mix from Marble, NC

For people that are looking to adopt a pet, there is one excellent web site ( that stores the information of thousands of animals that are waiting for their new home. This week featured pet is Sonia, a shepherd mix located in Marble, NC.

Sonia is a medium adult female dog, whose previous owner unfortunately died, so she stayed alone with her son Jasper. She is currently at the foster home and is looking for new owners.

Sonia is a very smart dog; she loves the company of other dogs and people. If you have children, Sonia will very soon become their best friend. She just loves people and loves to please them.

Sonia is house and crate trained. It still requires that she masters her walk on leash, but with a bit of patience she will learn that too. Apart from that, she is up to date with her routine shots. Her hygiene can be maintained very easily because she has a short hair, and her primary colors are yellow and tan.

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Facebook Friday: Dog Photo Contest

Make sure to check out our Facebook page for a contest! Click here-

Find more info here and check out what are the presents that you might win!

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Travel Thursday: Top pet friendly destinations in North America

For those adventurous ones that like to travel while at the same time taking their pets with them, here are some suggestions for top pet friendly destinations in the North America. These are definitely the three cities you will have to visit.

  • Portland, OR is the city where you will definitely have to stay in one of their best pet friendly hotels – Hotel Vintage Plaza. Here your dog is free to run, and if you have more than one pet they are all welcome. The hotel doesn’t have any restrictions concerning the size and the number of pets you are bringing with you. Here your dog will be treated like real royalty, which even includes massages, truffles, fashion collar, etc.
  • If visiting Whistler, BC, the hotel you will definitely not regret if you stay there is the Summit Lodge. Your pet is very welcome here, and he will be waited open handed with a doggy bowl and treats. If need, the staff of the hotel will provide dog walking services.
  • New Orleans, LA is known also for one of their best pet friendly hotels Loews. You are welcome to bring two of your pets, and each of the will receive a welcome pack. If interested, you can even order one of their Loews Loves Pets room service menus to make your dog feel like a royalty.


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