Facebook Friday: Dog Photo Contest

Want to surprise your dog with a new gift? Then try winning it by entering the contest on our Facebook page! More about the contest can be found on:  http://www.facebook.com/pamperedpuppyco

Check out the pictures of other Facebook contestants as well and vote for your favorite one.

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Travel Thursday: Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint

Now with the summer approaching, probably a lot of dog owners are already thinking on where they will spend their summer holidays. Traveling by car can be fun, but you need to take care of the safety, especially when traveling with your dog. For this reason, we are introducing the Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint which can be purchased at our online pet store.

With a proper car dog seat belt, your dog will be safe, while at the same time you will be able to drive safely as well. If you are still not convinced that a seat belt is a necessity for your dog and for you own safety, then here are some important reasons why you should consider them again:

When a car stops suddenly, or in case of some accident, your dog will not become a “missile”, as he will be safe in his seat. A dog “missile” can kill not only the dog, but as well the other passengers.

In case of some accident, it is important that your dog is safely restrained, as he might become violent and try to hurt people that might come in for a rescue. Or, if he is not belted, he can run away after some accident, or run into traffic and get seriously hurt.

When your dog is safely restrained, it is much easier for you to concentrate on the road. Dogs that are not restrained can block your vision, or go under pedals, etc. All of these can lead to accident.

Most of the dogs like to hang their head outside of the window while riding in a car. Sometimes, they might even want to jump out of the window, but if they are safely restrained with an Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint, they will not get injured or killed.

In the end, when using a dog car seat belt, you should keep on mind that with dogs is the same as with children and that they can also be injured by airbags, so make sure to turn off the airbags that are near them.

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World events Wednesday: Obese wiener dog gets tummy tuck

Obi, formerly obese dachshund, who became famous because of his unusual weight of 35 kg, is recovering from surgery to remove loose skin after his weight loss.

This dog has lost as much as 18 kg in eight months, and now, after the removal of excess skin is 16 kg, but should lose two more.

Obi was so obese that he had to wear a special harness that his body would not be dragged on the ground.

He was temporarily housed by a former veterinary technician Nora Vanuatu, as he was taken away from the owner that almost killed him with the food.

However, the owner of a dachshund rescue center in Oregon, is now fighting for the custody over the dog, because his previous owners used him for “sensationalist purposes.”

This story spread over the internet very fast, and at the moment, the dog is followed on the Facebook page by more than 90,000 followers.

“I am feeling blessed that I was involved in his rehabilitation, and I was surprised by the amount of love and support that I received,” said Vanuatu on this project.

“I hope that Obi can be an inspiration for all those who want their pets to lose weight. It is important that both people and dogs eat healthier food, “she added.

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Tips Tuesday: 5 tips to keep your dog happy

Dogs, the same as humans, are sentient beings, and they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Any dog owner, since the moment he takes home a pet should start to develop a caring relationship towards him. Here are some of the most important things that you should keep on mind to keep your dog happy

1. Being affectionate with a dog and patting him

Even thought his sounds very simple, it means a lot to any dog that his owners show their love towards them. It doesn’t take more than just a couple of minutes to do this, and this will indeed lead to a happier dog.

2. Food and fresh water

Water that is left inside a bowl for days and days will accumulate dust and dirt, and your dog will not drink it. So, make sure that your dog always has fresh water as drinking water is very important for your dogs physical function. The same stands for food. Make sure it is healthy and fresh.

3. Playing with a dog

Dogs, the same as humans need learning and activity. No matter if he is indoors or outdoors, make sure that you spend at least an hour a day playing with him. This can be even simple play of fetch, as it will mean a lot to him.

4. Preventive care measures

If your dog is healthy he will be happy as well. this means that you should check regularly if he has ticks and fleas. Also, when some problem occurs, make sure to check his temperature, energy level, appetite, and in case of any abnormalities, take him to the vet immediately.

5. Adequate shelter

Some dog owners prefer to keep their dogs outdoors. This is not a problem at all if they provide them with a adequate shelter that will protect them from snow, cold and rain. Bedding in dog houses should be changed at least once per week.




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Stylish Sunday: Blue/Silver Rubber K9 Optix for Dogs

Dog sunglasses are not here just for the fashion. They are functional as well. the main purpose of dog sunglasses is to protect your dogs eyes from the dust, UV rays and debris and other things that might get into his eyes.

Dog sunglasses are available in a variety of models, types and colors. For example, most of the dog owners often opt for mesh dog glasses which are intended for dogs that like to put their heads out of the window when riding in the car. Such sunglasses are protecting the dogs eyes from the wind.

Did you ever think that even a small piece of stone that gets into your dogs eyes can cause  a lot of damage to his sight? This would lead to surgeries and high medical bills, so why not protecting your dog right from the beginning? No matter if you prefer to ride your dog in a car or motorcycle, the right model of mesh sunglasses is a must.

Except for mesh dog glasses there are as well hard goggles for dogs which are an excellent choice for the road. They have an excellent protection against the UV rays, especially when we take into consideration that protecting dogs eyes against UV rays is as important as protecting our eyes.

Dog sunglasses are available for both small and large dog breeds, and are available in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. When it comes to buying the right size of sunglasses for your dog, you need to make sure that you have take the right measures of the dogs head, the frame and the strap size as well.

This week we will present the Blue/Silver Rubber K9 Optix for Dogs. These dog sunglasses are featuring a rubber frame, and are very comfortable for any dog breed due to the fact that they don’t have hard frames on the nose bridge anymore.

The Blue/Silver Rubber K9 Optix for Dogs are offering 100% UV protection for your pup.

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Save me Saturday: Tank, a domestic cat in Meherrin, VA

Every week we are trying to find a new home for one animal that is eagerly waiting to get new owners. Until now, we wrote mostly about dogs, but this week we can try to find a home for Tank, a domestic short hair cat, situated in Meherrin, VA.

Tank is a large adult cat, in black color. He is a short haired breed, so you will not have any problems with his hygiene. Tank is a very well mannered cat, and likes the attention of people.

If you are looking for a nice, well behaved adult cat, Tank will be an excellent addition to your family. He is situated in the adoption center at the moment, and if you want to know more details about him and about the process of how to adopt him, please email to info@southsidespca.org.

Tank is a house trained cat and up to date with all the routine shots.

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Facebook Friday: Photo Contest

If you still haven´t, we suggest that you join our Facebook page and participate in our Dog Photo Contest. More about the contest can be found on:  http://www.facebook.com/pamperedpuppyco

There are a lot of nice prizes are expecting your pet!

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Travel Thursday: Top trips for cat lovers

The following extraordinary museums, theme parks and circus performances are only the beginning of a trip fueled by the obsession with cats.

1. Timothy cafes, Tokyo

Japan’s obsession with everything that has to do with cats is well known in the world. After all, it is home to a cat Maru, which has become a YouTube star, but also the famous “someone” or cat’s café, where people come when they want socialization with countless cats. The best known are Shimokitazawa’s Cateria, Nekobukuro in Ikebukuro, Curl Up Café and Nyafe Melange.

2. Festival of cats, Ypres, Belgium

KATTENSTOET (Festival of cats) is held every three years, the second week of May, and the next is due in 2015. year. It is dedicated to refined kittens is organized with street parades, musical events and fancy dress parties. The festival culminates in a performance in which a court jester is throwing toy cats from the belfry. This custom dates from the Middle Ages when they were thrown from the belfry real cats.

3. Home and Museum Hemingway, Key West, Florida

Cat lovers and lovers of Ernest Hemingway works will surely become enthusiastic over the former house of legendary writer in Key West. This grand house is home to 50 cats that are all descendants of Hemingway’s cats Snowball (got it from the ship’s captain). Cats are curious and have inherited the genetic mutation responsible for having six toes, and look like they’re wearing little socks.

4. Timothy Moscow theater

This second generation of Russian theater founded by Yuri K. Dmitri in 1990. and performs only in Moscow with about 120 cats. The performances of cats walking on a tightrope, ride horses and posing on top of balls is definitely a spectacle worth the visit.

5. Timothy Museum Kuching, Malaysia

In Malaysia, it is believed that cats bring good luck, as in many other Asian cultures, and Timothy Museum in Kuching Saravoku is a kind of homage to these furry creatures. For starters, you need to enter a building that resembles a flying saucer through a giant cat face. Inside is the exhibition of works of art and archaeological artifacts dedicated to cats. The most interesting is certainly a 1,000-year-old Egyptian mummy cat. The museum is located on a hill and overlooks the Kuching, in free translation “cat-like city.”

6. Biggest Cat Show, Birmingham

The largest cat show in the UK is held every November in Birmingham. It evaluates beauty cat’s models.

7. Torre Argentina cat shelter, Rome

The motto of the shelter is “working together to better life for abandoned cats in Rome.” Here volunteers are always welcome, and are tasked to clean the cages and feed some of the 300 different animals. If you live in Rome, there can be a foster family for the youngest kittens. This place is located on the site of ancient ruins and has an amazing history.

8. Timothy boat (Poezenboot), Amsterdam

Cats and water do not usually go together. However, this floating shelter in Amsterdam Herengraht channel is very successful. It was founded by Henrietta Wilde out in 1966. and since then it has become a tourist attraction. Also, visitors can volunteer, donate money or adopt a cat.

9. Hello Kitty theme park, Tokyo

Pilgrimage to Tokyo Hello Kitty theme park, officially called Sanrio Puroland is mandatory for fans of the animated character. Every year it is visited by 1.5 million visitors of all ages who then watch musicals on Hello Kitty, visit the amusement park and the Hello Kitty’s house where there are portraits of the famous cat and her family, as well as in the shape of her face.

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World events Wednesday: Dog spent 4 days next to his trapped owner

Seriously injured and trapped under the wreckage of the car, 76-year-old Herbert Schutz thought he will face a certain death. In agony, he knew that the chances that someone will find him on a remote farm on the slopes of the mountains of Australia is very small. However, luckily for him, his faithful sheepdog Boyd was with him.

Boyd knew exactly what to do – tucked beside his owners to warm him during the night as during the night the temperature goes down  to four degrees Celsius. He refused to leave his owner even when the rescuers arrived four days later.

Schutz was stuck under the car after crashing into a tree near his farm in Rylstone. He tried to get away from the wreck, but at this point car overturned and he got stuck.

He suffered a fractured skull, two broken ribs and dislocation of the shoulder.

The neighbors began searching for Schutz because they worried that his daughter had not been able to get in touch with his father three days after the accident.

A neighbor, Eric Merritt and his friend Julian Barrett discovered the overturned vehicle in the next day afternoon.

“We saw the car, but be didnt see anyone. Then the dog ran out in front of the car and we heard Schutz calling him. So we found him, “says Merritt.

Even when we found him, the dog ran straight to his side and cuddled up to him. He didn’t want to leave him even then,” said the neighbor Eric Merritt.

Schutz was subsequently hospitalized, and doctors say it is recovering surprisingly well, keeping in mind that he was severely injured without food and water to survive for four days.

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Tips Tuesday: How to get rid of the cat’s scent

When you bring a new cat into your home with it will undoubtedly come certain odd fragrances that might not be very pleasant. So, here are some ways that you can use to reduce unpleasant odors in your home …

Use baking soda

Baking soda is a safe and natural deodorant and embellishing to make a big difference when it comes to scent. Pour a few of baking soda inside the sand box and you will quickly see an improvement in the smell of home.

Change the type of base you are using in the sand box

There are certain surfaces that have more uncomfortable odors than others. If you use paper, they will keep much longer the bad smell until you replace it. Just make sure you do not base itself has no odor because it can happen that the cat begins to avoid the box.

Do not change the location of the litter box

If the cat can not find her litter box, she will not use it.

Avoid cover

Avoid boxes with lid as some cats refuse to use it. Also, it is important that the box is placed in a well-ventilated place.

Change the cat food

Certain foods can contribute to a bad smell like cheap cat food and cow’s milk.

Provide a few boxes

The best solution is to have more than one box in the apartment. If you have a cat, let her use two boxes. If you have two cats, it is the best to have at least three boxes for your cats toilet.

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