World Events Wednesday: How one dog got a “life sentence” in a prison

He became known as “Pennsylvania’s cats killer” and was “sentenced to life in prison for brutal murder of the governor’s cat”.

A black Labrador named Pep in 1924 ended up in prison after he killed the Pennsylvania governors (Guilford Pinchot´s) cat.

But later it turned out that it was a set up – Pep was completely innocent, and his greatest sin was chewing furniture.

The entire story about Pep was made up by a local journalist with a serious lack of ethics, and the truth is far less interesting.

The received Pep as a gift and he has quickly become a beloved family member.

However, because Pep loved to chew the covers from the sofa and other furniture, the family decided that he had to leave their home.

The decision was made to relocate Pep in prison, but not as a prisoner but as a therapy dog.

He died at his workplace and was buried in the prison yard.

The story of a black Labrador again saw the light of day, as the governor’s son found a copy of the newspaper in which he read the news of Pep.

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Tips Tuesday: How to properly give medicine to a dog

As with the children, the same is with pets – giving them some medicine can be a real mission impossible.

Crush the pill and hide it in the food, but if you want to be sure that the dog took a pill, put it in the back of his mouth. With one hand, hold the muzzle and lift his head a little. With the other hand grasp the lower jaw, and with the index finger and thumb put the pill on the dog’s tongue, as deep as possible. Close his mouth and hold it closed, gently massaging his throat to force the dog to swallow.

Medicine in liquid form is the easiest to give with the help of a plastic syringe. The syringe will allow you to accurately measure the required amount of the medicine. The medicine will need to be injected into the back of the dog’s mouth. After successfully giving the medicine to the dog, wash the syringe and reward the dog for good behavior.

Eye drops may be given to the dog so that you hold his head calmly while slightly tilting it backwards. Drops should be put in the corner of the eye. After that, let your little one a break, eye drops are not such a pleasant thing, for sure you know this yourself.

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Stylish Sunday: Ashley Barrette for Dogs

Girl dogs are able to use much more fashion accessories than boy dogs. One of them is dog bows and barrettes. If your pup doesn’t mind dressing up and if she feels comfortable with using different kinds of accessories, you should try with bog bows and barrettes, especially if your dog has long hair.

Barrettes are very easy to put in your dogs hair. But, in any case, it is recommended that you use a elastic grooming band so that it would easier for you to secure the fountain, and after that attach the barrette to the hair of the dog. Whenever you prefer, it will be much easier to replace the barrette on your dogs head.

There are different kinds of hair bows and barrettes on the market and they can be made in different colors and materials. The ones with a higher quality are made with two elastic grooming bands and they last more time. There are also ones made with two topknots, but the ones with elastic bands are of a better quality.

Most of the groomers often opt for elastic bands as they can stay more time without falling. This is because it gets a bit harder for a dog to take the elastic band out of the hair. In case that you want to create a unique look, you can opt for elastic ones in combination with fountain. For example, two different flowers can be matched to coordinate perfectly with the outfit that your dog is wearing that day.

The Ashley Barrette for Dogs can be made with a lot of different outfits due to its color that can match with most of the female dog clothing items.

The Ashley Barrette for Dogs features two different ribbons to add more depth to the accessory. There are two different pink ribbons, with green stitch design. In the center of the accessory is a sewn butterfly that makes it even more perfect and more girly!

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Save me Saturday: Blaze, a Rottweiler from Seattle, WA

Same as every Saturday, we are trying to find a new family for one of the dogs from that don’t have that luck of having a loving and warm home at the moment. These are dogs that were left abandoned for some reason, or that left alone after their owners passed away.

This week, we will try to find a new family for Blaze, a very nice black Rottweiler, currently situated in Seattle, WA. Blaze is only 5 months old, and is a purebred Rottweiler. He was saved from a high kill shelter, and in that moment he was in a very bad condition. With the help of love and care from the shelter he was brought to, he managed to get much better, and today he is a healthy dog.

If you are willing to adopt Blaze, you will have to pay a adoption donation that will help for his expenses of vaccines, neutering, deworming, health certificate and of course microchip.

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Facebook Friday: Pampered Puppy Dog Photo Contest

Don´t forget to check out our Facebook page for a contest! More about the contest can be found on:

A lot of nice prizes are expecting you and your pooch! See the pictures of other Facebook contestants as well and vote for your favorite one.

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Travel Thursday: How to have a fun dog travel

Dogs are considered as men best friends, and for this reason a lot of dog owners like to take them on holidays, no matter where they travel. But traveling with a dog can be a problem if you didn’t prepare yourself and the dog on time. So, here are some tips on how you can have a fun dog travel, and create a unforgettable experience both for you and your pup.

  • Preparing the dog for the travel

It is not only humans that need to make sure they are healthy before they travel away somewhere but dogs as well. Since they are not able to take care of this by themselves, every responsible dog owner should make sure his dog is healthy before and after the trip.

For this reason, it is suggested that you visit your vet, at least a week before the trip, so that he would give him the right vaccines if necessary. This way you will also check out whether your dog is suffering from some minor disease perhaps.

  • Dog ID

Even though this sounds funny it is necessary that you r dog has his own ID when traveling to other countries. This is extremely important in case that your dog gets lost. For example, you can make a personalized ID dog tag.

  • Plan the right accommodation

This is of a great importance. Luckily, today there are a lot of per friendly hotels that accept cats or dogs or other animals as well. However, before traveling away make sure that the hotel has vacancies, that it really accepts animals, and if has some special requirements such as for example size or dog breed.

  • Is your dog a traveler?

Some dogs don’t like to travel, and therefore they will be making you a lot of problems. Others, from the other side, adore such experiences. Dogs that are old or are suffering from some disease will not find the travel a very pleasant experience. So, the best thing would be that you start training your dog for travels since he is still a puppy. This way he will get used on time on being on the road for hours.

  • Is your dog trained?

This means that he will need to understand some of the basic orders, so that he would not be making your problems during the trip and so that you could keep him under control.

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World Events Wednesday: Dog survived after being closed one month in a car

An abandoned dog has miraculously survived, although he spent a month trapped in a locked car on a car junkyard.

No one noticed the unfortunate dog inside the Chevrolet in Kansas City, which due to improper parking was impounded and towed to the dealer. Almost a month later, one of the employees noticed a dog that jumped on the car dashboard, while he was putting up the price by which the car should be sold on an auction, because his owner did not show up.

The unfortunate dog that was only 12 weeks old, however survived, and is now safely put in a shelter for abandoned animals, where he was named Kia.

Nobody knows how the dog survived, but it is assumed that somehow he managed to get hold of food leftovers and water out of the restaurant near which the car was left, although the employees did not notice any signs of water and food.

A representative for the local government announced that workers in the parking lot did not intend to neglect the dog, and they are pretty upset about what happened.

“This is quite an amazing story, it´s really lucky that the dog survived,” adding that everyone is relieved that he will now take care of some of it.

The local vet said that was almost amazing that the dog survived a month without water and it he believes that somehow the dog was managing to get to it.



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Tips Tuesday: Tips for overweight dogs

The same as overweight humans, overweight dogs face the same problems. For example, they have a much higher risk of getting diabetes, cancers, joint problems and similar.

First of all, you should never let your dog become overweight. However, this have become a very big problem for dogs that live in condos, and that spend most of their time inside the house. Their activity, in such situations, is just limited to barking through the window, sleeping and eating.

How can you check whether your dog is overweight? First of all, if he doesn’t have any waist, he is in the category of chubbies. Another thing that you should check is his rib cage. In case that you feel ribs, once you touch that part, your dog is fine, but in case that you feel a roll of fat, you can consider your dog overweight.

The first thing that you should do to try to help your dog is to take him to the vet to see whether his overweight problem is not a root for some physical malady. Your vet will most certainly tell you what is the perfect weight for a certain dog breed and whether your dog has to lose some weight.

For your dog to lose weight in a natural and healthy way, you should choose a proper diet and exercises. For urban dogs it can represent a problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Dogs like to eat when they are bored, the same as humans, so this is something you shouldn’t let your dog to do. Keeping him occupied the most possible will the the best thing you can do for his health.

Healthy treats are also a good way to keep your dog satisfied between the meals. Why not trying out broccoli or carrots? Most of the dogs love them. Apart from being healthy, these treats can help you save some money when compared to commercial treats for dogs.

In the end, the best way to help overweight dogs is to make your own dog food, as this way you will have a complete control over what he is eating.



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Stylish Sunday: Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate, Generation II – Ocean Blue for Dogs

Any dog owner should consider buying dog crates in case that he still don’t have one, as they are proven to be of a great use. As much as some people think that dog crates are not good for animals because they restrict their space, the truth is that they act just as dog tents or dog beds.

Dog creates are able to provide a personal space for a dog, and they are actually representing a space where one dog can relax or sleep and feel safe.

There are large and small dog crates, and it is necessary that you buy the right size for your dog.

The best dog crates are soft dog crates that are easy to take with you when you are traveling somewhere for example. They feature a soft cushion padding that your dog will adore.

There are different dog crates on the market. The cheapest ones have metal bars and they indeed resemble a cage. From the other side they can be very practice as they have a plastic tray on the bottom that can easily be cleaned. This is a good solution for older dogs.

Any dog owner should understand that dog crates are not cruel for animals, but are really a necessity in many situations. For example, they are useful when traveling in the car on long distances, as it is here where your dog will be able to sleep peacefully.

This week we are presenting the Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate, Generation II – Ocean Blue for Dogs for traveling in style. This dog crate provides softness, ventilation and security to your dog.

The Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate is excellent for travel, and your dog will feel comfortable thanks to soft fleece pads. The crate has round corners that are at the same time protecting other surfaces from being damaged.

The Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate is both durable and water resistant crate, and will last for years. It features 4 accessories:

  • Toy and treat bag
  • Soft fleece pad
  • Removable inner tray
  • Adjustable leash

The size of the Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate is 21 x 15 x 15 inches, and capacity 15 lbs.

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Save me Saturday: Brad, Doberman Pinscher

This week, we will try to find a new home to a lovely Doberman Pinscher named Brad. He is a black and tan dog, with a docked tail and natural ears. He has a very tough past, as his previous owners left them at the Animal care Cervices all tied up, and since then he is being living at Dobiehaven.

Dobieheaven is a nice place to be, but Brad is really in a need of a new family now. He needs someone to take of him all the time, play with him, and he indeed misses caring for one nice family.

Brad is a very nice looking dog, and is only 1.5 years old. He is a large adult dog, but at the same time very sweet. He is very well obedient, and what he likes to and, and how he will keep your house safe all the time is by barking when somebody unknown comes.

Brad is a healthy dog, currently being treated against heartworms.

If you are ready to adopt a new dog for your family, don’t hesitate to look up for Brad, as he is situated in Corpus Christi, TX.

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