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Puppies Clothes – Do You Really Need Them?

In several occasions, such as celebrations, casual events, social gatherings, parties, and even going on a trip or while shopping, a lot of pet owners want to bring their pets along. While large breeds of dogs are commonly the companion … Continue reading

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EAR AID – EAR WIPES AND EAR CLEAR : Cleaning your dogs ears

When you are grooming your dog, you will need to pay special attention on cleaning his ears as well. This is one of the most important things when taking care of the hygiene of your dog. Dog´s ears are very … Continue reading

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Puppies Beds – Choosing the Most Suitable One

Puppies beds are among the things that your cute, little pup needs, and it is recommended that you have one ready even before you bring him home to make sure that he has something to nestle in, making him at … Continue reading

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COMBO DOG COMB : Essential Dog Grooming Products

Dogs need our attention and care. Dog Grooming is an important process on owning a god. Except feeding them and playing with them, we need to take care of their hygiene as well. For dogs that have long hair, it … Continue reading

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PUPCAKES – SET OF 10: Popular Dog Treats

Except for being very delicious, dog treats can be great training tools as well. People who are training their dogs should always have a lot of dog treats in their pockets in order to reward their dog once when he … Continue reading

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If you are a dog owner, for sure you know how much mess dogs can make when they are eating. They are not as humans and they don’t care if the floor around them gets dirty while they are eating. … Continue reading

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It is extremely important that your dog learns to eat properly. You can’t give your dog to eat food from the floor. This is why dog bowls exist, and every dog should have his own dog bowl. There are many … Continue reading

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Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

Spaying or neutering your dog is a very controversial subject. Humane societies and shelters often emphasize the negative consequences of overpopulation. Every year, thousands of dogs are euthanized because a family either didn’t want them or was unable to care … Continue reading

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Since dogs need a special place where they will be able to eat in peace, without anyone disturbing them, they also need a special dish to eat from. Even though many pet owners think that all the bowls for dogs … Continue reading

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