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Why owning a dog makes you safer

Dogs can be a deterrent for burglars. They will not stop or prevent every burglary from happening, but they can provide you with some measure of safety and protection. An alarm system as reliable as a dog will help you … Continue reading

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The New Innovation, Dog Halloween Costumes!

Dogs are becoming friendlier to humans day by day and this has caused the evolution of a whole new idea. The idea is to make possible for the dogs, almost everything humans indulge in. Dog Halloween is one such thing … Continue reading

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Good things to do for expectant mommy dogs

A dog is normally pregnant for about two months. It can be broken down as approximately nine weeks or 58 to 63 days. It is important that you include a little pampering for your expectant momma dog. She should get … Continue reading

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Different age dogs in same household

Sometimes bringing a puppy into a household where there is an older dog can cause problems. You, as the owner, may not be prepared to deal with having a puppy again. If your dog is over two years old, it … Continue reading

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Louis Dog 10th Aniversary Collection

Louis Dog, a premier dog clothing and bedding designer, has released their new collection of clothing and beds in honor of their 10th Anniversary! They have named many of the items in this collection the Bla Bla. This beautiful collection … Continue reading

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