Travel Thursday: What are pet friendly holidays?

If you love your pets that mean that you love to spend time with them. For this reason, a lot of pet owners decide to take their dogs with them on holidays.

Choosing a pet friendly rental is a great plus as you will not be thinking all the time where your pooch is, who is taking care of him and whether is doing a good job. If you don’t have where to leave your pet, then you will have to spend a fortune on leaving him in some of the local pet facilities.

Before traveling and making any hotel bookings, you really need to think over whether you will be able to look after your pet when traveling with him. If sometimes it is hard to look after him at home, you should know that it will be even harder looking after him when you are not at home. First of all, because at home you have everything at your hand, and when traveling, you will need to make sure that you took all of his important things with you.

Some of the basics that should never be forgotten are the dog blankets, food and water bowls and of course water and food.

After arriving to a rental house or a hotel, you will probably have to sign a contract where you will be asked to take proper care of their property. This is a normal procedure in any hotel that accepts pets. Also, it is a condition for most of the pet friendly places that your dog is up to date with his vaccines.

If your dog makes any damage to the property of the hotel, you will be charged for it.

In case that you find a place where your pets will be welcome for holidays, you will be able to have a great holiday. Your will appreciate it and you will want to go back and your pet will want to go back as well, and the pet friendly hotel will be eagerly waiting for you in the next season and that way everyone is a winner.


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