World Events Wednesday: Hotels for street cats in Vienna

The city of Vienna in cooperation with many animal lovers launched a successful project for the care of street cats.

Due to the order of the City Council, members charged for animal protection, made 20 specially isolated “Hotel for Cats” as a first aid in the fight against the cold.

These are actually very stable homes made of solid wood, impenetrable, and an excellent place to accept at least two or three cats that will be separated by compartments that can be used for food. The small wood houses also have a waterproof roof that can be easily be opened, and therefore the house can be cleaned from the inside.

Vienna in 2006 launched a project for neutering of street cats, but even after the castration the cats were always coming back to their territory. Now, due to winder, strong cold and snow and lack of shelters, these wooden houses are really a savior for them, as despite the thick fur that cats have, they need to have a possibility to hide from the cold and try staying warm.

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