Stylish Sunday: Bark Microvelvet Dutchie Bed for Dogs

There are small and there are large dogs, and all of them require a special care. No matter how some dog owners take care of their pets, they tend forgetting about one important thing and that is buying a dog bed for their dog. Sometimes people think that their dog will manage just fine even without a bed and this is one of the reasons why they don’t want to spend money on that, but it is a huge mistake because dog beds have a lot of benefits.

It is not uncommon that many pet owners consider that their pet will be OK even when sleeping on the floor. Floors are uncomfortable and this can even cause some health problems to your dog. For this reason, dog beds have been invented and they are available today in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Before buying a bed to your pooch, you need to make sure that it fits its purpose. What does this mean? Well, dogs are like babies, and they sleep even more than 10 hours per day. For this reason, the bed that you provide for them has to be comfortable. The thing is that dogs too like to stretch out, and thanks to a proper bed, they will no longer have issues with muscle spasms and cramps for example.

Dog beds are great for your dog’s health as they can help with problems such as arthritis for example. If your dog is able to sleep relaxed, he will not have so big problems related to arthritis, and even better if you can afford dog beds that are made of memory foam.

Large dog beds, for larger dogs, need to be heavy duty as well because this way the dog sides will not split. And if your dog likes to chew, then make sure that you bought a bed with a strong chewing action.

Our Bark Microvelvet Dutchie Bed for Dogs is a perfect solution for large dogs that are looking for comfort. It is made of luxurious micro velvet to ensure that your pooch has a comfortable space to dream or just simply relax. This bed is very soft thanks to its overstuffed bolsters. And the micro velvet material can be easily cleaned as it is resistant to dog and cat hair, and therefore it is enough if you simply vacuum it each day.

When it comes to hygiene, the Bark Microvelvet Dutchie Bed for Dogs has removable zipper colors that are machine washable. The cushions of this dog bed are made of memory foam which provides extra comfort for your pet.

The Bark Microvelvet Dutchie Bed for Dogs is available in three sizes, in S to XL. Make sure that you are buying a proper size for your dog, and the best thing is that you measure him before the purchase.

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