Save me Saturday: Lucas – a Cocker Spaniel from Roswell GA

If the above posted picture caught your attention, then make sure to read the following post and help this cute cocker spaniel find a new home.

Lucas is a male cocker spaniel, and has between 6 to 8 years. He has black hair and is neutered, so you will not have any problems with him wondering away from the house.

Lucas is a very friendly dog and enjoys the company of other dogs and people. Unfortunately, even though everything seems perfectly fine with him, the bad thing is his bad sight. When this cocker spaniel was rescued from the shelter, he was found blind. They were preparing to euthanize him, and luckily there were some wonderful people who decided that he should stay alive and that another chance in his life should be given to him. He had a surgery, that was supposed to help improve him vision, but unfortunately his sight is still limited. Due to his condition, Lucas is not recommended for families with children, especially small children.

Lucas is also up-to-date with routine shots, he is house trained, and he does have special needs.

Here are also some facts that you should know about cocker spaniels.

Cocker spaniels are known as cheerful and playful dogs that love children. They are also one of the 20 smartest dogs in the world, because they are able to quickly remember the new commands and requests. When cocker spaniels don’t have a place where to run and to spend their energy, they often become fat. This means that if the life of a cocker spaniel becomes too boring, he will too become aggressive or destructive.

Cocker spaniels are very faithful dogs and will even defend you from people who raise their voice on you.



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