World Events Wednesday: Dog found after 5 months

Dog Lucky really lives up to his name. After being separated from the owner for five months, four your old white Pomeranian Spitz was back in her arms.
“I was so happy and shocked,” said Marlene Bolivar (26), owner of Lucky, in Los Angeles for ABC News. Her dog disappeared on 7th August, but Bolivar initially was not worried, because Lucky had a microchip so even earlier when he wandered away he was always found.

Unfortunately, this time it did not happen.

When she posted the pictures of the missing dog, two days later, she received a call from a woman asking her what the award would be. Marlene had not thought earlier about such thing, and she said she could pay 60-70 dollars. The woman then answered that she will talk to some people that have a dog similar to hers and that later she will tell her something. However, she never called back. Marlene said that it was the moment when she lost all her hope of finding Lucky.

She never even dreamed she would see again Lucky, but then got a call on 7th January 2013, on his birthday. Animal-control officer from Sacramento, a city that is 560 miles away from Marlene´s home in Los Angeles, told her that he has Lucky.

Charitable organizations that help animals, Wings of Rescue, sent the dog home by plane, for free.

Marlene doesn’t know how Lucky survived and how he got to Sacramento. She said that he was in a pretty good shape for someone who’s been on the road for five months, but that his hair got a little bit messy!

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