Tips Tuesday: Cook something yourself for your pet

We bring you 5 tips on how you can prepare yourself food for your pet. This way you will know he is eating healthy food, plus you will save a lot of money as well.

Your furry friend is more to than just a pet. After so much time of attention and sharing happiness together you start to see him as a family member and, of course, you want for him only the best.

And, how about cooking a meal for your dog or cat? There is nothing better than home cooking, they say.

1. Follow the food pyramid

when cooking for a pet it is very important that you consider all the nutrients that need to be included in his daily diet. This is the same important as when cooking for a child. Try avoiding as much as possible the following ingredients – refined sugar, flour and Trans fats.

2.Introduce new foods gradually

Digestion of the pet can be very sensitive, so try introducing new foods slowly and follow any changes such as diarrhea and changes in his behavior. Experiment with different ingredients to find out what pleases their digestion and what doesn’t.

3. Brown rice improves digestion

When you introduce human food in the diet of your pet, especially if it comes to meat; it is advisable to combine it with brown rice.

4. Don’t use spices in the food

The palate of your cat or dog is not as sophisticated as a humans plate, and even though unsalted unseasoned food can be tasteless to us, it can do only good for your pooch as sugar and salt can cause more damage to their health.

5. Yogurt is great as a desert

Lactobacillus (acidophilus) seems more acceptable yogurt for your pet (many animals are lactose intolerant). In addition, yogurt is a source of “healthy” bacteria that will stimulate the digestive process, and is rich in calcium to strengthen their bones and teeth.

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