My Monday: Help Caleb who is still looking for a home is a web site where you can every days browse through information they provide about thousands of adoptable animals. These animals, no matter if they are dogs, cats, hamsters or even horses, and patiently waiting for their next new owner. Will that be you? Let’s try to find an owner for Caleb, a very friendly and cute Chihuahua.

Caleb is situated in Roswell, GA. Except for being very cute; Caleb is also a very unusually looking doggy because of his brown merle hair. He is around five years old, and in already neutered.

Caleb will be a very nice addition to any family with children as he is very playful and gentle. He enjoys the company of other dogs; however it is better to keep him away from large ones.

Caleb is patiently waiting for his new owner that will be willing to cuddle him and to unconditionally love him. This cute Chihuahua is up to date with his routine shots, and he is house trained, so you will really not have a lot of work around him trying to teach him how to behave properly indoors.

Chihuahua has always been known as “the world’s smallest dog”, weighing up to 2.5 kg.
Chihuahuas are easily adjusted to all areas and are good pets in almost any climate and living conditions. This dog breed enjoys being with their owner. Chihuahuas do not require a lot of care, and exercise space, but require a particular attention. Also, this dog breed, even being so small, is an excellent watch dog. They have a very loud bark, and they can even scare burglars or warn owners in case of a fire emergency or similar.

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