Disaster Kit for your dog

Emergency preparedness is important no matter where you live. Know what types of disasters are most likely to strike in your area and create disaster kits for the members of your family. This includes the four-legged members.  Contact your local Red Cross, Emergency Management Agency and Humane Society. Find out what sort of accommodations would be available for your pet in the event of an emergency. Create a disaster kit with items you will need to keep your dog safe and healthy during a disaster. Have enough bottled water to provide your dog with clean drinking water for three to five days. Also include enough dog food and treats for three to five days. It’s a good idea to package the food into re-sealable plastic bags. The paper packaging most dog food comes in could get damaged in wet weather and come apart. Pack at least one change of clothes for your dog for inclement weather such as snowstorms, flooding or hurricanes. Include dog shoes since you never know what the ground will be like and you may need to protect your dog’s paws. Pawz for Dogs are disposable as well as reusable and may be ideal for unsanitary conditions during disaster recovery. Pack a dog collar and leash in case they’re needed. A dog blanket for comfort and some dog toys for amusement are also a good idea. If your dog has any special needs or medications, plan on how to accommodate those during a disaster.  Even if your dog doesn’t have special needs or medications, it’s a good idea to include first aid supplies in their disaster kit. You never know what might happen during a disaster and it will probably be very difficult to find a vet in the first few days after a disaster. Always be alert to bad weather in your area. If advised to evacuate, do so. Your dog’s disaster kit will be useful whether you remain in your home or are forced to leave. Finally, make sure that your dog’s crate and/or carrier are easy to get to in case you need to add it to the kit before leaving. Make sure that you know how to break down the crate and that it is in good condition prior to any bad weather.

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