Stylish Sunday: Skull & Crossbones Dog Sandals

Spring is just around the corner, and for sure you want to be prepared for the upcoming sunny days which you can spend outdoors with your pet. In case that you didn’t buy until now, or you did and prefer a new pair for this season, dog sandals offer more than just a protection of your dog’s paws. With nice dog sandals, your pooch can be a true fashion leader in the neighborhood.

Thanks to dog sandals, your dog’s paws will be protected from grass and all kinds of pollen which can be brought inside the house on your dogs paws if he doesn’t use sandals or any other kind of shoes. A lot of pollens cause allergies so it is better to keep your house free from such things. After you finish taking a walk with your pet, take off his sandals before he comes, and this way you can be sure that all the pollen from the grass stayed outside where it belongs.

Dog sandals will also protect your dog’s paws from asphalt and pavement when it is warm and when it is cold as well. Also, this way your carpets and floor will always be clean, especially on rainy days, as you will take off your dog’s shoes before he enters the house.

There is a variety of different dog sandals and shoes on the market and one of them is Skull & Crossbones Dog Sandals which are very comfortable, airy and lightweight. These dog sandals have ankle straps, and are made of breathable material so your dog’s paws will never get too hot in them or too cold.

The Skull & Crossbones Dog Sandals are made of faux leather with a rubber sole, and are available in a variety of sizes – from 1 to 5. Thanks to these dog sandals, your dog will not only look fashionable but will keep his sensible paws safe.

So next time when you are considering buying dog sandals for your pooch, remember that you are doing something positive for his safety!

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