Travel Thursday: Pet friendly vacations in the nature

According to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), there are more families with pets than families with children. When going on vacations, most of those people are not very happy if they have to leave their pet at home. However, thanks to many pet friendly accommodations and areas, today it is very easy traveling with your pooch anywhere.

Every year almost 30 millions of US citizens travel with their pets. Luckily, there are a lot of pet friendly hotels and restaurants, so your dog will never feel as if he was left behind.

When booking hotels for your next holiday destination, make sure to always check whether they accept pets. However, some vacation experiences will never let you take your pet with you, such as for example cruise ships.

Bit traveling and having fun doesn’t mean that you always have to go to hotels or some expensive destinations. There are a lot of destinations that offer excitement and are appropriate both for you and your pooch.

In case that you are an outdoor type, for sure you will not mind hiking adventures for example, or camping. A lot of states in the US have a lot of beautiful national parks which permit leash-controlled pets. One such example is Wisconsin, which if you never visited earlier, will for sure enjoy in their natural wonders – state parks, forests and recreation areas.

From the other side, Arkansas also offers many miles of hiking trails, and millions of hectares of forest. Do you need better than that? However, make sure to take care of where you are letting your pet go, as in many national parks, animals are allowed only in developed areas.

And if you don’t mind camping, you and your family, alongside with your pet will definitely enjoy sleeping under the open sky. Don’t forget that in such situations you need to keep your dog always on the leash. Also, when camping, never forget to take enough supply of food for your dog, tent with bedding, his favorite treats and toys.

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