World Events Wednesday: Dog helps a woman with narcolepsy

To a woman that suffers from narcolepsy, the life was changed since she got a very special dog.
Anik (35) from Belgium, never know when she will drop off. She slept for 16 hours a day and had to be under the vigilant attention of her parents. But her life has become easier thanks to the arrival of a small white dog Idefiks. Five-year mongrel is trained to wake her up by nipping her ears or ankles when he hears the alarm.

Anik could not do even the most ordinary routines such as ironing or cooking because it would be too dangerous if she fell asleep. Thanks to the new family member, Anik can now walk around the city, hang out with friends, cook, etc.

This is the first time that a dog was trained to help someone who has a sleeping disorder. But the road to the successful pairing was not easy. Several dogs from the asylum were rejected, while Idefiks did not meet all requirements. Then he had a year of training. He learned how to be wake up Anik even if it took a half hour nibbling. Then he learned how to behave when they get to a certain public place such as metro, bus or tram.

“For many years I was disabled due to his condition and now I feel like I got a second life.” – Anik said.

Anik´s case was published in the Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal.

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