Save me Saturday: Hopper is looking for a new home

Petfinder is an excellent web site where you can find a lot of adoptable dogs, cats and other animals. As every week in these last months, we will try to find a home for one of them. This week, let’s try to find a warm, cozy home for Hopper, a lovely pit bull terrier.

Hopper is an adoptable dog in Delhi, NY and is a true gentleman. This pit bull terrier is looking for attention and love, and is hoping that someone will offer him a warm home even this year.

Hopper was found abandoned and tied up on the street. Taking into consideration his not so lucky past, we can start thinking whether the future brings something promising? So, if you are looking for a new pet, make sure to check out Hopper.

This pit bull terrier needs to be put on some weight due to his not so lucky past. He has a very kind personality ad just looking to his eye your hard will completely melt.

Make sure to check out the shelter of Petfinder, spend some time with Hopper, and decide whether he is the perfect new addition to your family, which I am sure of he is. The same as you will enjoy Hoppers company, he will definitely enjoy yours.

Even though some people consider pit bull terriers very aggressive dogs, the truth is completely opposite. Their natural aggressive tendencies are directed to other dogs and animals, not people. However, if properly brought up, they will not even be aggressive with them. Pit bull is a very loyal and affectionate family pet, which is good with adults and with children. He is almost always obedient and is very courageous and intelligent guard dog that is full of vitality. It has a pit bull terriers are not recommended for people who have no experience with dogs and who cannot educate them properly.

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