Travel Thursday: Pet friendly facilities in Las Vegas

One of the more famous cities for entertainment is definitely Las Vegas. This city is full of luxury hotels where you can pay even more than a couple of hundreds of dollars per night. Hotels are normally very big, and have a lot of interesting features inside such as waterfalls, or even circus clowns. Nevertheless, did you ask yourself whether they accept pets in such hotels? We are here to answer to this question.

The truth is that the real attraction of Las Vegas is casinos. Of course, your pet will definitely not be allowed on the casino floor, but most of the hotels are actually pet friendly, so you will not come across any problems if you decide to take your pet with you on holidays in Las Vegas.

Dining in Las Vegas with your dog is not a problem as well, as a lot of restaurants accept pets. From the other side, most of the restaurants even have outdoor patios where you can comfortably enjoy with your pooch as well, as for him it will definitely be more interesting if you stay outdoors.

Also, it is interesting to mention that dogs are also allowed in some of the most famous brand shops such as Prada, Versace, Gucci and similar, so the shopping part will be a pure pleasure both for you and your pet.

November in Las Vegas is celebrated with the Strutt Your Mutt event, which is actually an all-day dog affair that includes doggy contests, services, pet care, doggy theater, agility courses, adoption, etc.

Here are some of the best pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas:

1.The Westin Casuarina Hotel, Casino and Spa

2.New Frontier Hotel and Casino

3.Red Rock Casino Resort Spa

4.The Atlantis Casino

And here are some of the best dog parks in Las Vegas which offers excellent leash off play for them:

1.Woofter Park on Vegas Drive

2.Barkin Basin Park on Alexander Road

3.The All American Park on Sunset Road

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