World Events Wednesday: A dog that takes away the fear of the dentist

The following wonderful picture of the dentist with his four-legged friend and small patient became a hit on the internet this week. The dentist discovered that the dog can relax nervous children who are afraid of dentists.


According to MSN, dentist Dr. Paul Weiss, is a children’s dentist in New York who taught his dog Brook to act as a “therapy dog and soothe his patients.”

“If a child is scared of cleaning or repairing their teeth, Brooke can sit in the chair next to him, and the patient can cuddle with him,” said Weiss.

Brooke has reportedly passed the certification test as a therapeutic dog earlier this year. Therapy dogs, like Brooke, can help patients reduce stress, lower blood pressure and become more positive.

The four-year golden retriever comes into the clinic on Thursdays (called “Brooke´s day”), and after his visit, the clinic is thoroughly cleaned. Also, the dog is always under the supervision of nurses and doesn’t accompany patients who do not wish so.

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