Save me Saturday: Sheba, a female Shar Pei

Every week we are trying to find a home for some of the adoptable pets on This week, it’s time for Sheba, a female Shar Pei mix. Sheba is 2.5 years old and is located in Atlanta, GA. She is of a medium size; however the only unfortunate thing that happened to this lovely dog is the fact that she has an injured left leg. Until the leg doest heal, she appreciates that no one touches it.

Sheba is a trained dog, and she knows the skill of how to shake hands, and she will always wipe her feet after she urinates outside. When it comes to driving in the car, there are no worries with Sheba as she behaves very well and doesn’t get sick. She is spayed by the local Humane Society. Sheba is a smart dog and she will understand everything you are trying to tell her.

Other facts that you should know about Sheba is that she is very nosy, and she also doesn’t like too hot or too cold weather. She likes to feel comfortable in any aspects of her daily routines, be it eating, relaxing or sleeping.

And when it comes to food, she enjoys in all kinds of meat except port, she likes cornbread, green beans, soups and leftovers of gravy.

As for the Shar Pei breed, they existed in China for centuries. More than 2000 year old breed, Shar Pei has been kept by farmers on the western provinces bordering the South China Sea. Although Shar Pei mainly served as a guard dog, they were also used to protect cattle from predators and to hunt animals.
Shar Pei is aloof, proud and in fact very independent dog. For this dog breed is said to be loving and devoted to his family. Shar Pei is often described as “people’s dog” because they would rather be in human society than in the company of other dogs. Their high intelligence can contribute to this.

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