Sharing Hanukkah with Your Family and Your Dog

Do you go to visit family members for the holidays? Will your furry family member be included? While traveling with your dog, think of things that will help him fit in with your holiday. Foods are very important traditions for holiday festivities and your dog should not be left out. Pet friendly hotels and motels may offer pet friendly holiday treats such as Lassie Latkes, and if you are really lucky you might even receive a recipe. However, be careful about all those foil wrapped chocolate Hanukkah gelt coins. They would definitely not be good for your dog! At Pampered Puppy, we have a wide range of Hanukkah gifts for dogs that you can bring on your travels so that they are safe and kept busy!

Dogs can help you remember the eight day Hanukkah season is a time to celebrated. Just as you show the Hanukkah lights in your window to “illuminate the house without” to let passers by know that your home is recognizing, sharing, and celebrating, and reminding them to be aware and to celebrate the holiday’s miracles, having a pendant or personalized dog tag bearing the Jewish Star designates your pet as a part of your family. Other accessories can be adorned with other Jewish symbols such as dreidels (a four sided spinning top that children play with during the holiday).

In North America particularly, Hanukkah has increased in importance for Jewish families as an alternative to Christmas celebrations that often overlap with Hanukkah. It is a sign of respect for all family members to observe the rituals of the holiday, and dressing your pet accordingly also shows the pet is a part of the family and is showing the utmost respect for their owner’s beliefs.

Although as of this writing the United States has never had a Jewish president, the members of our government show respect for the holiday with special receptions and candle lighting ceremonies. In 2001 George W Bush held a reception and candle lighting ceremony and started an annual tradition to be attended by Jewish leaders all over the country.

People show signs of respect to others in their beliefs and practices and as a part of your household it is natural to want your pet to bear the emblems of your beliefs and show respect for what you hold dear to you.

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