Travel Thursday: Pet friendly hotels in California

Summer and winter are seasons when many like to travel, but also a lot of pet owners don’t like the idea of leaving their cat or dog alone at home. If you are one of those who don’t like the idea of seeing your pooches’ sad dog eyes when you are closing the door in front of them, the best idea is taking them with you no matter where you are going.

California is one of the most popular travel destinations in the US since always. So, here are some per friendly facilities that will make your and your dog´s life much easier during your holidays.

First of all, let’s start with some hotels, where you two will have to settle down. Some of the popular pet friendly hotels are Hillcrest Country Inn or Beazley House Bed & Breakfast Inn. Both of them welcome cats and dogs, and offer a variety of interesting things for your dog to spend quality time. Your dog will be welcomed with a bowl, bones, cleanup baggies and doggie beer.

After you settle down in a nice hotel, for sure you will want to go to eat to some restaurant. A great pet friendly restaurant in Napa, California is Angele. While you are having your dinner or lunch, your dog will be served with water and treats.

LA, California is anyways considered as a pet friendly city. One of the most popular places to spend time with your pet is Long Beach. There you will find Haute Dogs organization that makes doggie-centered events all year long.

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