World Events Wednesday: Dog saves owners from a grenade

Alex Leibowitz is still alive thanks to his dog hero – Louisa. This dog warned its owners about a rocket that was fired from Gaza and which later landed in the apartment of Leibowitz´s in Ashkelon.

A coastal city inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people was vehemently attacked last weekend. On Sunday 18th November Alex didn’t  feel well and decided to stay at home. His wife Olga was at work. Leibowitz said that the dog would not stop barking.

“Louisa just kept nervously barking non-stop and I couldn’t listen any longer, so I went back in the bedroom.” he says.

Shortly afterwards, the grenade flew through the ceiling next to the door of his apartment, and then went right through the floor. Leibowitz immediately realized that it was Louisa who just saved his life thanks to her barking. It was a death warning.

“It was a miracle. Had I gone down the stairwell, if I had heard the siren, the rocket would have caught me” he says. His wife even speculates that their dog has some sort of “sixth sense”.

Although their apartment is seriously damaged, Leibowitz´s are happy that Louisa saved their lives.

More info here.

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