Tips Tuesday: Can dog toys be harmful for your pet

A new study conducted at the University of Technology in Texas found that plastic toys like rubber squeakers contain harmful chemicals including bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, which pose a health risk.
Philip Smith, a study author and toxicologist at the Institute for the environment and human health, wanted to examine how such toys influenced his dogs.

“Some of the dogs get rubber toys almost as soon as they are born. We all want our pets to be healthy, “he said.

Researchers led by scientist Kimberly Wooten, studied how BPA can be released by orange and white rubber toys when dipped in dog saliva. The results were compared with those obtained by testing toys that are processed by chewing simulators.

Having used artificial saliva and simulator, researchers are not sure exactly how many chemicals are released in the mouth of a dog, but they assume that it is much greater quantities than those released by simulator toys.

Also, they used many kinds of toys for pets and found that the highest concentrations of BPA and phthalates are found in toys that squeak.

“Imagine molecules like bricks that build plastic. Chewing and tearing of the plastic toy dog breaks the chemical bond and allows that individual molecules are laid off, “said Laura Vandenberg, a scientist on Tufts University in Massachusetts.

More research has confirmed that BPA and phthalates are associated with various health problems for people and rodents – some types of cancer, defects, and symptoms of premature puberty in females, obesity and behavior problems.

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