Dog Safety in Public

As the world becomes more crowded and on the go, it is a concern of responsible pet owners to guarantee the safety of their pets as well as the people around them. For some breeds a collar or a simple, easy to get into harness like the Molly Step-in Dog Harnesses may be enough, especially with the added protection of a muzzle for short term use. However, some animals do not tolerate crowds of people at all and will need to be transported in a dog carrier.

As with all products the evolution of dog carriers is no different than any other facet of pet care. Most people who have ever owned a dog or cat automatically think of the gray plastic carriers with the wire cage door. These are still very popular today, but can be a tiresome waste of space when not being used, especially for larger breeds or households with multiple dogs.

New types of plastics and hard rubber can be incorporated into puppy carriers to make them lighter weight and more durable than a standard pet carrier. Heavy canvas or tent type carriers, many of which, like the Wander Carrier, can be disassembled or folded away when not in use, and are a better travel transportation choice.

Taking the dog for a walk generally means exercise for the dog and the owner, however there are instances where walking the dog is dangerous for the pet or surrounding people. The tendency of people to want to pet your dog as you are walking can startle even the calmest natured pet and cause a biting or scratching episode. In this case an enclosed stroller, like our Jogger Pet Stroller, may be the answer. The dog can enjoy the outside but is safely separated from intruding hands and passing cars, making the outing more enjoyable for everyone.

Pet safety and human safety is the utmost concern during pet transportation and travel. Research the many products available and ensure you pick the best type of dog carrier, harness, or other safety system for your particular pet and situation.

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