Save Me Saturday: Rocky, a cute retriever

This week, there is one more puppy waiting to be adopted. We are talking of Rocky, a male puppy retriever that was born in September this year. Unfortunately, due to health conditions of his owner, Rocky was brought to the shelter and is currently waiting for a new person that will be willing to take care of him.

The adoption fee for Rocky is $150. This is not a lot since in this price you will find included all the necessities for Rockies health – neutering, vaccines, flea treatment, microchip registration, free vet visit, goodie bag, collar and leash and much more.

Rocky is a very social puppy, he goes along very well with other dogs. He likes to play with children. Currently, he is in the shelter and sharing his bed with two other dogs and a couple of cats.

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are part of the family dog breed called retrievers. Labrador retriever is very different from the golden retriever. Golden Retriever (as its name implies) has a yellow color fur, while the Labrador retriever can be in three colors – black, yellow and chocolate. For retrievers it is said that they are the most popular hunting dogs in the world.

It is interesting that retrievers need to be near humans to be happy, and if they are isolated from a human contact for a long time, they develop a problematic behavior.

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