Travel Thursday: Top 3 pet friendly vacation destinations

How the holidays are approaching a lot of people is thinking to travel internationally. Here are some of the top 3 destinations where you can travel with your pet that will make the entire voyage much easier as these countries will not require any quarantine for your pet.

Passing through immigration in some cases can be difficult as well if you are taking your pet with you. Not to be unprepared in such situations, before you go abroad, it is advised that you contact the Pet Travel information center and inquire about some of the possible changes in requirements for traveling to any international destination with a pet.

The first point when traveling somewhere abroad is to travel by plane. There are some special requirements for taking animals inside the plane. However, if your dog or a cat is small, it can travel without any problems with you in the cabin; of course you will need to have a special cabin approved crate.

Some of the pet friendly countries in Europe are France, Belgium or Switzerland. One of the most per friendly cities in Europe is Paris. Pets are allowed at most of the restaurants and diners. You will be able to see a lot of people walking around their dogs on a leash, and taking them to the park. In the Montmartre district, which is full of street artists, you can even ask for a picture of your favorite pet.

Switzerland is a very well known country for its beautiful nature. If you like winter fun, you and your pet will definitely enjoy in the snowy mountains where you will be able to spend some great ski vacations. However, remember that during the winter Switzerland is very cold, so make sure to buy an appropriate jacket or a coat for your pet.

In the end, Brussels is on the top of pet friendly cities in Europe as well. Pets are welcome in almost all restaurants and public places, except in museum or galleries of course. This is a city where you will spend hours and hours walking on their interesting streets together with your pet. You will be amazed with their parks, flea markets and other see sights.

As you can see, there are numerous international destinations where you can spend your holidays with your pat this year. Make sure to have your reservations on time, and check for some of the special requirements that you might need to have when traveling with a pet.


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