World Events Wednesday: Rent a pet and get rid of stress

Student, Jenna Miller, has decided to help her colleagues who are under stress due to exams in a completely unusual way. Specifically, she has launched her own business, which includes rental of pets to students to help them release stress.

Since the service was launched last summer with the help of her brother, Jenna recorded a great success and currently has 4 workers.

One of the users of her service told the Daily Herald that he rented puppy to release stress, while others used the services of Jenna in order to impress a girl on their first date.

Price for this service is $15 per hour, $ 25 for two hours and $10 for each additional hour.

The service provides students with all the benefits of owning a pet without daily strenuous duties.

Miller also pointed out that the pets have been purchased from a local shelter and that almost all of them have found their permanent housing.

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