Save me Saturday: Olivia, a cute labrador/terrier

As every week, we will try to give a warm home to another adoptable pet. This time it is Olivia, a very cute terrier/Labrador that is waiting for someone in Anderson, SC.

Helping animals is something wonderful, and if you are thinking of making a good deed this Christmas, is the right place where you can start searching for someone lovable that could become a new member of your family.

Olivia, is still very young, and can a great addition to someoneĀ“s home. She has a short black hair, so it is very easy to groom her. Also, she likes the presence of other animals, as long as they stay away from her when she is eating. She loves to have her space during the meal times, but at the same time is very playful and loves the attention of children.

Labradors are large, powerful dogs and need regular exercise to stay in shape. This dog breed is characterized by excellent sense of smell; they love water, and are also very obedient. Labradors perfect dogs for life in the province.

Because of excellent smell, police uses them to detect drugs and they are one of the most skilled guides of the blind.

Labradors are loyal, gentle with children and are very popular in society. You should pay attention to their diet because if they eat too much they can become very obese. Labrador puppies are often characterized as hyperactive, and it is actually a completely normal, healthy and playful puppy that is bursting with energy.

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