Travel Thursday: Dog Friendly Facilities Worldwide

Businesses around the world are always looking to be unique and to make themselves apart from other similar business. The same stands for the business of restaurants, as today it is a trend to offer pet friendly services for their clients.

Opening a restaurant where both the owners and their pets will be both welcomed can set one business very high. This is a growing idea yet, but something that pet owners appreciate a lot. There are millions of pet owners worldwide that became very glad with the idea and possibility of taking their dogs to restaurants when they go dining out.

In many developed countries, pubs or restaurants where animals are allowed are not uncommon. So if in your neighborhood still doesn’t exist a pet friendly restaurant or other pet friendly facilities, and you are willing to invest money into something nice for animal lovers, then you should definitely go for it.

If you are a pet owner, for sure you felt guilty a lot of times when you had to leave your dog at home and then went out to dinner. Since a lot of people consider their pets as a part of the family, it is very important for both of them to have where to spend their time together.

You will find per friendly facilities all over the world. Let’s take for example China. There you will find a lot of tea houses where people bring their pet birds. Another country that treats pets as a part of family is Japan. There you will find a lot of hotel chains that allow pets, and this trend started there back in the 1990´s. And what about Korea, that has as well many pet friendly restaurants where guests can dine with their loving pets.

The first that came up with this pet friendly idea were Europeans and Americans. Did you know than an average American that owns a pet will spend thousands of dollars per year for their pet? Most of that money will go to the owners of pet friendly establishments.

So, when traveling anywhere with your pet, make sure to always check for pet friendly hotels, pubs and restaurants. That way you can both enjoy in each other’s company and bond even more.

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