Tips Tuesday: Do you need to spay/neuter a pet?

Although most of the pet owners are aware of the importance of cat and dog spaying/neutering, there are still those who do not realize the importance of this procedure.

Every cat on average can produce around 20 kittens per years. This means that only one cat and her first born kittens may create 150 new kittens in only three years. Dogs can have around 20 puppies per year as well.

Too many animals, most of which end up in a shelter or on the street are just one problem. Dogs and cats that are not neutered can be a quite “embarrassing” company in the home:

- Female dogs will have to ride every 6 to 12 months, and every time it will take between 10 and 24 days and will be followed by menstruation. Dog in heat can get nervous and get into conflict with other females.

- Female cats can have to ride every two weeks if not sterilized, and often will meow and urinate in unacceptable places.

- Dogs and cats after six to nine months of life are becoming capable of mating. Males of both species will often mark territory much more intense throwing urine odor on furniture, curtains and other places in the house.

- If given the chance, dogs and cats will be looking to escape out looking for a partner for mating. During that time, they become aggressive toward other males and often come into conflicts.

Medical Benefits

Besides the problem of too many abandoned pets, sterilization carries with it a number of medical benefits.

In cats it implies the elimination of the risk of pyometra – serious urinary infection and drastically reduces chance of getting ovarian cancer in dogs and cats, especially if sterilization is done before the first heat.

In male pets it eliminates the possibility of getting testicle cancer and reduces the risk of developing diseases associated with the prostate.

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