Save Me Saturday: Mack, Mastiff Mix

As every week, this week we will also try to find a nice home for one dog. This time, we chose Mack. Mack is a very cute mastiff mix, an adoptable male puppy in Salinas CA.

Here are some facts that you should know about mastiffs, which will hopefully convince you to adopt this cute puppy, and provide him a warm and happy place to live.

Mastiffs are very big dogs, and can be silver or apricot color or even a mix of colors, but mainly they have a black nose and ears. These dogs have a very short hair, so the grooming is very easy. This dog is very large and broad, with strong muscles and bones, and a huge head.

Mastiffs are very calm dogs, they are confident, and they don’t show shyness or aggression. These are trustworthy and loyal dogs and despite a dose of stubbornness, Mastiffs are easily trained as they always seek to satisfy their owner.

Although it is a very vigilant and protective dog, mastiffs are naturally quiet and gentle. They don’t like to fight with other dogs; however, any intruder in the house or yard will probably be cornered and held there until the arrival of the owner unharmed. On the other hand, when welcoming guests, mastiffs are generally very friendly.

According to children’s, mastiffs are very gentle and patient protectors. Of course, you should make sure that children are not rude towards him and supervise young children in the presence of a large and heavy dog because mastiff’s happy tail can easily knock down a two year old child!


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