Travel Thursday: Pet friendly, hassle free vacations

Pet friendly vacations make sense in the way that a lot of pet owners consider them to be a part of their family. When going on holidays, it is fair to take your pooch with you as well. To make all the process hassle free, here are some tips on how to have an enjoyable travel with your dog.

The first thing that you will have to do is to find the right hotel. So, when making a reservation, make sure that they accept pets. You can find a lot of pet friendly hotels online, which can make your search much easier and more comfortable. You can even do online reservations instead of calling by phone.

In case that your pet is not an experienced traveler, make sure to prepare him for the trip. Taking short drives with him in the car should be enough for him to get the notion of how he has to behave in a small space during the trip.

It is also not a bad idea considering a dog safety harness as well as a vehicle barrier which will keep your dog confined to the rear area. Also, buy an ID tag for your pooch, in case that he gets lost while on the trip. Accidents can happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry, you will have to agree. Also, carry your dog’s photo always with you, if he should ever get lost.

Before going on the trip, talk with your vet and ask whether your pet has to take some additional vaccines. This is especially necessary in case that your pet is going to be exposed to mosquitoes for example.

Once you arrive to the hotel, don’t let your pet use the furniture unless you protect it first. Make sure to keep your dogs water and food trays near the bathroom, where they can be easily cleaned at any time.

In the end, when traveling during the summer, never leave your pet alone in the closed car for a lot of time. During the summer, the temperatures can get very high causing heart attack or other fatal health issues to your dog.

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