World Events Wednesday: A couple spends $1500 during their holiday to save a dog

A dog that looked like a skeleton covered only with skin, without food, water and shelter in the remote mountainous region of Spain softened the hearts of two British tourists who have decided to take care of him.

Chris and Bob Thornton found a starving German shepherd during their holiday in Spain and paid more than $1500 to travel by plane with him to Britain.

A year later, the saved dog feels great and is living with his mellow owners.

“She was very emaciated and could barely stand. Worse still she had a huge raw wound around her neck where the chain had cut in as she struggled” said Bob.

He and his wife named the dog Noah, gave her water, and the next day the remains of Christmas turkeys, as they were traveling for the holidays.

They wanted to take her to the vet, but when they realized that there is none close, they made a difficult decision to leave her. However, the grateful animal followed them.

” We drove for quite a while down a number of tiny narrow lanes feeling quite upset. We went for a walk and three hours later when we came back she was by the car. ‘It was absolutely amazing she found us. “says Chris.

Thornton´s then decided to find a vet. They traveled for 30 miles to provide for Noah antibiotics and to bandage her neck. They took her to a shelter, and applied for a passport for the animal.

After paying around $1000 for the treatment and around $500 for the plane ticket, the couple finally adopted Noah.

“Everybody loves her, she is so popular. She loves long walks and she’s spoilt rotten. “said Mrs. Thornton.

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