Travel Thursday: Tips for traveling with your dog by plane

Traveling with your pet can be a kind of a challenge due to the fact that there can be a lot of specific rules when traveling such way, until your final travel destination.

Check out some of the tips that can ease the journey with your pet:

- Explore a bit before you decide on a time and see if you can book your tickets early. The airlines have a limited number of places for pets.

- Be aware of the weight, age and size of your dog in order to know whether the airline allows its transportation.

- Fees for transportation of pets vary from carrier to carrier, make sure you have a credit card or cash with you when you arrive at the airport

- Look for a seat by the window so that the dog would not be distracted by people walking between the seats.

- To avoid any inconveniences, please do not provide water or pet food to your dog on the plane during the summer. You can ask for ice cubes and give them to the dog to lick them if he is thirsty.

- Take all the important medical documents and a certificate that the dog is vaccinated against rabies, a photograph of the dog and the name of your veterinarian.

- When it comes to international flights, each country has its own regulations, paperwork and quarantine period. Be prepared and patient.

- Do not give your pet tranquilizers because a large number of airlines do not accept animals under sedation.

- Give your pet his favorite toy or a piece of your clothing that will make him calmer when he is away from you during the trip.

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