Tips Tuesday: How to prevent excessive shedding?

You have dog hair all over your house? You’re not alone. Many dog owners fight with this issue, and we will present you a few tips that may help you reduce your pet´s shedding.

1. Brushing is a must!

If you regularly brush your dog, it will be less hair on the furniture, and more in the trash bin. Although all brushes don’t suit all the dogs, you will be able to find dog brushes for your pet’s hair in any pet shop, and you can also consult the seller about what is best for the breed you own. Excellent options are special rubber brushes that almost magnetically attract the hair. Many dogs don’t like to be brushed, so don’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t like this as well. However be patient with him, and try to teach him to be calm while you are brushing his hair. He will eventually get used to it, and it will be much easier in the future to take care of his hygiene.

2. Omega fatty acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are very useful to improve the skin and coat of your dog. While most pet food manufacturers claim that these are already added to their manufactured food, amounts are actually negligible. High-quality fish oils and special supplements for dogs should contain a combination of both fatty acids. Dogs usually love them, so you should notice a difference in the quality of their fur in four to six weeks, but it is necessary to use these oils longer time in order to maintain the results.

3. Healthy food

If your dog eats “fast” food, or one that is made from inferior ingredients (corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.) this is likely to cause excessive shedding. Think about buying him a premium food whose primary ingredients are proteins, not carbohydrates. You will not only see improvement in his appearance, but you’ll notice that he is also eating less.

4. Visit the veterinarian

Dog allergies can be manifested in many ways, but mainly through skin irritations. If you regularly visit a vet, this solves most of the possible causes of shedding.

5. Buy a good vacuum cleaner

No matter how much you care about your dog, he will still shred a few. Our advice is to invest in a good vacuum cleaner, so his hair will not bother you so much anymore.

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