Save me Saturday: Let´s Make Snoopy Happy This Christmas

On the web site of, you are able to find thousands of different kinds of pets that are looking for a new family. This week, let´s try to make one of them happy, and why not that be on the Christmas day this year?

Snoopy is a medium senior male West Highland White Terrier. He is available in New Westminster, BC. Currently, Snoopy has been placed in a foster home, but is still available for adoption.

This lovely white terrier passed a lot of trouble during his life, as he didn’t had much of a luck with his previous owners – some of them died, others got sick, and Snoopy was left alone. Even though he had a tough life, Snoopy is a dog with a great personality and he likes to be in the company of other animals and children.

Unfortunately, he has diabetes, which was diagnosed in August of 2012. He would like to be adopted by a family that will take a lot of care of him and that will never forget to give him his insulin injections twice a day.

Snoopy likes to play, likes long walks, and is a pleasure being near him.

If you would like to do something nice this Christmas for some animal, why not adopting Snoopy, and making him a important part of your family. Taking care about him is very simple. He likes to eat, and is very lovable.

Snoopy is up to date with his routine shots. He is house trained, and is very easy to take care of his hygiene even though he has long white coat. He is very patient, and will make an excellent addition to any family with children.

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