Travel Thursday: Which are the Best Pet Friendly Hotels in New York

Holidays are slowly approaching, and you might want to spend some time this Christmas in New York, with your family and pets of course. You must keep in mind that when traveling with pets, there are some certain pre-preparations that will need to be done, such as for example trying to find a pet friendly hotel. Not all hotels accept pets, so make sure to book a room for your holidays in a hotel that will not mind if you take your loving pet with you.

To help you a few, here is a list of some of the best pet friendly hotels in New York. New York was recently hit by a Hurricane Sandy, so a little bit of tourists are always welcome, which will help grow the city´s economy.

  1. The Muse

This hotel accepts any kind of pet, no matter if you have a cat, pig, dog or even a snake, every pet is welcome. For additional charge, your pet can receive an in-room pedicure. After you check in to the hotel, your pooch will receive a welcome package with food and treats. The only thing that you should remember regarding this hotel is that it accepts only two pets per one room. Also, for additional charge, your dog can be served with food delivery, grooming or dog walking.

  1. Affinia Fifty

This hotel doesn’t have the limits of how many pets you can bring with you, although they will charge you a $25 fee for keeping a pet in the room. What this hotel will provide for your pooch is food, water bowls, doggie sidewalk bags and other valuable information of pet friendly places.

  1. The Benjamin

This hotel can be an excellent place for you and your dog to relax. Your pet will be provided with a plush doggie bathrobe, with a doggie DVD and a dog room service menu.

  1. Soho Grand Hotel

This hotel will not charge you any fee to have your pet overboard. Your dog will be served with food, bowls, and crate with no extra charge. You will also not be limited by the number of pets you can bring over. The room service of this hotel includes as well special treats, dog walking, grooming etc.

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