World Events Wednesday: Dog Dials 911 to Save a Injured Owner

A golden retriever named Spirit, recently saved a sick old woman by calling the emergency number. This happened in North Carolina, to Dorothy Davidson who suffers from a rare type of sclerosis. Dorothy fell in the bathroom and since she was unable to stand up, she laid there for a while until she decided to rely on her brave pooch that was with her since she was a puppy.

Following her owners instructions, Spirit called the emergency services by a specialized phone. Very soon the physicians arrived and Dorothy was taken care of.

Later, Dorothy stated: “In my eyes, she is a real hero”.

And indeed she is!

Because of her illness, Dorothy was forced to seek for help and she decided to turn to the Florida group called Dogs for Life, and this is where she chose Spirit, which in that time was still a puppy. Spirit went through a special training and today she is Dorothy´s closest friend and helps her in her every day activities.

Check out here the rest of the story and videos!

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