Save me Saturday: Katie, Alaskan malamute

A couple of months ago we started writing about pets that can be adopted on Doing a small research, we found out that all of the dogs we used to write about have been adopted already. Whether it is due to our small contribute or not, we are glad that there are so many wonderful people that are willing to adopt pets.

This week, we will talk about Katie, Alaskan malamute that is waiting for someone to adopt her on the territory of North Haledon, NJ. Katie is a female adult, large Alaskan malamute. She is around 7 years old and is very friendly. In case that you already have other dogs at home, don’t worry, because Katie enjoys the company of other dogs and is very easy going.

Unfortunately, Katie had a cancer, but luckily she is currently recovering after a hard cancer surgery. She is at her foster family, and is waiting for her real family that is willing to stay with her forever.

Katie is up to date with her routine shots, so from the medical field, she has been taken care of.

In case that you don’t know much about Alaskan Malamutes, here is some important info. Alaskan Malamutes are a dog bred that loves to play, so perfectly suits the owner who likes to spend time actively in nature. Because of their friendly nature is a real pleasure to be with him, but this also means that they are not very good guard dogs. Their coat has to be brushed frequently, because it sheds a lot. This dog is clean, and odorless.  He needs a lot of exercise. Alaskan malamute is used in colder climates. Since he likes to dig, backyard fences should be well dug in the ground. Also, this dog breed has a strong instinct to hunt, so you should be careful when around other animals or when not on a leash. Alaskan Malamutes are very friendly dogs and they get along with people and animals.

This is Katie. Isnt she just adorable?

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