Tips Tuesday: Adapt your home to your pet

Whether you just got a dog, or you have it for years, you can always bring in some changes in your home that will suit both your pet and you.
The dog is a part of your family and he has to feel safe and happy in the surrounding where he lives.

If you live in the house, keep in mind that the yard must have an adequate fence that the dog cannot jump over.

When you are not at home, use a dog fence in a certain part of the apartment for your dog’s safety.

Avoid carpeting in rooms where your dog stays.

When it comes to furniture, opt for materials that are durable and easy to clean.

Dogs often scratch the walls and the wallpaper will probably quickly damage.

Ask your veterinarian how you can enrich your pet’s diet.

Buy a stainless steel bowl with a heavy frame to prevent spillage of water on the floor.

If your dog likes to sleep with you, but he became too old or he is too young to jump off the bed onto the floor by himself, place a low stool or a similar “step” for a safe landing next to the bed.

Beds for dogs should be hypoallergenic and should be covered with cotton that is easy to wash. If you have hardwood floors, the bottom of the bed should be further covered with textiles. Avoid wicker baskets because the dog could bite them.

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