Stylish Sunday: Austin Parka for Dogs

Dogs that don’t have a winter coat are usually not able to experience all the joy that winter season brings. As much as we like to play in the snow, dogs like as well. However, in the winter season when we go out to the street, we wear winter coats. Dogs get cold just as humans, and this is why we should make them feel warm with the help of special dog coats and parkas that can be found at many pet stores nowadays. has a variety of dog winter clothes, so that your pooch doesn’t get cold during this season. Austin parka for dogs can give the ultimate protection to your pet, and is also designed to fit perfectly any winter festivities.

Austin parka for dogs is very similar to winter cogs for humans because of its quilted pattern. The best thing about this coat is that it has a D ring, which is used for attaching your dog’s leash. Austin parka for dogs is made 100% of polyester. It also features a detachable hood with faux fur so that your pet looks even more stylish. In this coat your pet will never feel cold thanks to its fleece lining. The out part is made of nylon which makes this coat water resistant. The Austin dog parka also features a Velcro closure to help keep all the heat in. the coat is available in sizes XXS to L.

This dog parka is available in dark brown color with red and white details, so it is perfect for both male and female dogs. If you buy matching scarf, shoes or other similar accessories, your dog will look totally stylish this winter.

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