Save Me Saturday: Zorro, a cute dachshund

Adopting a pet is a very noble thing. In case that you want a new dog or a cat, or any other animal, to join to your family, check out the current available animals on This week we will try to help Zorro, a cute, small adult male dog that is hoping to spend this Christmas with his new family. Maybe you could be his new family!

Zorro´s primary colors are black and brown. He was already neutered, and he is up to date with his vaccines. If you are interested in adopting Zorro, you can do that by visiting Petfinder´s web site or contacting them by email. Zorro is currently situated in Fresno, CA.

Here are some reasons why dachshunds make excellent pets. Dachshunds are hunt dogs. They have a very fine sense of smell. These dogs are small, with short limbs, elongated, and vigorous-looking. They are very intelligent. Despite the disparity between the long body, and their short limbs, the dachshund does not seem lacking in grace or limited movements. The eyes of dachshunds are of medium size, oval, normally brown or black colored.

This dog breed is of German origin. Adult dogs weigh between 7 and 11 pounds.
The dachshund dogs are brave, protective and also very jealous. They are jealous of the owner and also the other members of the family. Dachshunds adapt very well in the home environment, maintaining good relationships with adults and children. They are very friendly and love to play.

Isnt Zorro just adorable?

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