World Events Wednesday: Dogs join forces to save a child

Several dogs in New South Wales jointly saved on the 3rd of October a missing boy born with Down syndrome.
Four-year-old Riley Martin spent the night on the open after he sneaked out of the family home in the Australian city Nambuka HEDS. Although parents immediately organized search to find the boy before the cold night, they had no success.

Riley followed his three dogs, two elderly fox terriers Nitro and Bruno and a ten-month Australian Shepherd puppy named Missy. It was they who saved the boy’s life, as reported by portal

“We heard a dog barking and when we got there, he took us in the direction of the bushes. There we found a boy whose face was turned towards the earth. We did not know if he was alive until he turned his head toward us, “reported Leif O’Brien and Sally Pratley who discovered the boy with his dogs.

They explained to the police that the boy was shivering from the cold, and when they found him, the other two dogs were crowded next to him, warming and protecting it. The boy had numerous scratches from bushes and trees.

His mother, Bianca Graham told Australian media that he loved to sneak out from time to time, but never went further than their backyards. When she saw that the dogs were gone, she hoped that they went with him because she knew how much the boy is tied to those dogs and how much they can help.



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