Tips Tuesday: How to give a pet a medicine

Have you ever chased a dog around the house trying to give him some medicine? If yes, you already know how difficult it can be to make a pet swallow a pill.
If the vet prescribed some kind of medication to your pet, be sure to ask if there is a liquid version. If not, then follow a few simple guidelines to provide therapy to your dog.

- Give your pet a smaller portion of food than usual. Crush the pill and mix it with food.

- Hide the pill in a small amount of cream cheese, tuna, or some treats for pets.

- If this does not work, try to open your dogĀ“s mouth. Make sure that the tip of the nose is pointed upwards. When he opens his mouth throw a pill into his mouth. Wait a while to see he will actually swallow it.

Keep in mind that medicine for people should never be given to pets. In some cases a vet can prescribe the same medication that people use, but this is usually in much lower doses.

All the medicine that you have in your house should be kept away from your pets playful paws.

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