Travel Thursday: Who takes care of your pets while you are on a vacation?

Holidays are already behind most of us, as with the beginning of autumn and winter, not many people like to travel. There are also people that like to enjoy in winter sports. Sometimes, taking your dog on such places is not such a god idea as they are very sensitive about their health especially when it comes to colder periods. This is one of the reasons why most of the people decide to leave their pets in dog hotels or some other types of facilities that accept animals. As these last couple of months we have been talking about pet friendly hotels, most of the people cannot afford taking their pets on such places because of their financial situation. In those cases, pet owners usually opt to leave their pets at a friend, member of a family, etc.

Until the appearance of cheaper facilities for pets, it seems that relatives, friends and family members will be the ones to take care of the pets of people that like to travel. According to latest statistics, 43.93 percent of pet owners leave their cats and dogs at trusted relatives, and 16.11 percent of them leave their pets at the house of a friend.

10.04 percent of pet owners decide to leave their pets at a neighbor, and only 8.37 percent decide to leave them at some kind of pet facilities. 21 percent of people decide to take their pets with them when going on holidays.

If you are just planning a trip and do not have the resources to bring your pet with you, keep in mind that you should choose a trusted person with who you can leave your pet. Let it be a responsible person, who will provide him with all necessary care, and make sure that you provide that person with a sufficient amount of food and all that is necessary for your pet.

For those that plan to take their pets with them on vacations, it is very important that thorough research is done about pet friendly hotels that will provide for you and your pet an excellent experience which will make you want go back there again. Information about per friendly hotels is best to be searched online. After you find a hotel that seems as the best choice for your needs, make sure to call them and check out whether they made some changes in their guest policies.


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