World Events Wednesday: Kabang, the dog that saved two little girls

Kabang is a dog hero that literary saved two little girls from being hit by a speeding motorcycle. A 3 and a 11 year old girls, named Dina and Princess, from Zamboanga City in the Phillipines were just about to cross the street not aware of the speeding motorcycle that was approaching them when Kabang threw herself in front of the motorcycle.

Unfortunately, what happened to this heroic dog is that her head got tangled in the front wheel of the motorcycle and her nose and upper snout were crushed. The father of two little girls refused to put Kabang to sleep, and stated that she is not ugly the way she looks now because she saved the lives of his daughters.

Thanks to the will of many good people, Kabang will get a reconstructive surgery in the US which will cost $20,000. One of the organizations which helped this become true is the Animal Welfare Coalition.

Not so long time ago this dog hero gave birth to 6 puppies, and is at the moment in the custody of the Animal Welfare Coalition.



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