Save Me Saturday: Save Queenie, a wonderful Basenji

Queenie is an adoptable dog on She is a Basenji and is located in Hamburg, NJ. This older lady can get very well with just anyone. You will not have problems with her because she is calm and gentle, and would like to find a warm home and settle down. If you are willing to have a new family member even this Christmas, Queenie will be the right choice.

Queenie is neutered; she is up to date with her vaccines. She is also house trained so you will not have any problems with her. She is really a perfect pet for a family who wants a gentle and kind addition to their home.

Even though it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt to mention that Queenie´s primary colors are brown, black and white and that her hair is short. This means that it will not be a big problem taking care of her hygiene.

Basenji is a dog breed that origins from Central Africa. These dogs are very clever and independent and many times they are used for hunting. Basenjis are dogs that don’t bark a lot. They are very active dogs; therefore physical exercise is very important for them. They don’t require any special grooming, just occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

In case that you are interested for this breed, and would like to adopt Queenie, check out the following link for more details:


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