Travel Thursday: What can you expect in a pet friendly hotel

Having a pet is a wonderful thing. Taking him on a vacation with the whole family will never be complete if you don’t consider taking your dog as well. There are a lot of pet friendly hotels all over the world, and here you will have the opportunity to check out what they offer.

The truth is that over 25% of the world’s population travels with pets. A pt can be a dog, cat or any other animals, but the statistics say that dogs are the most common pets to take on trips (80%).

Finding a pet friendly hotel is not that hard. All you have to do is consult any of the internet based pet travel agencies. Except for hotels there are as well many boutique hotels that welcome pets.

Some of the most common services for a pet in a pet friendly hotel are – doggie treat, training, pet taxi, cookies, grooming and local dog walking services. Some hotels offer food and water bowl, but it is strongly suggested that you always take the bowls from which your dog is used to eat. Nevertheless, when booking a pet friendly hotel ask which services they offer to accommodate you and your pet.

Once you arrive to the pet friendly hotel, they should be able to provide you with a list of pet-friendly restaurants and local parks.

As you can see, finding a pet friendly hotel is not that hard. You can anyway check at your local travel agency for recommendations. However, there are a lot of websites dedicated to traveling with pets, and this is where you can find a lot of tips where to stay and places to check out.

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